• Waterproofing with PVC/TPO Membrane


    It protects the structure against water damage.

  • Transports


    Recovery, waterproofing and reinforcement of concrete structures.

  • Historic Structures and Landmarks


    PGG takes care of our historical patrimony.

  • Power Generation


    Recovery, waterproofing and reinforcement of great concrete structures.

Welcome to PGG Group

About PGG – Engineering and Architecture

A civil engineering company since 1985, providing market with the best solutions in structural recovery, infiltration treatment and restoration.

PGG takes part in great infrastructure works and restoration, with the aim of exceeding expectations through new applied technologies, commitment, customized service, agility, competitive pricing and corporate responsibility.

A 100% Brazilian company, PGG operates in civil construction since 1985 all over South and Central America. Nowadays counts on more than five hundred direct employees and over four hundred indirect employees, all qualified to provide high added value services and excellence.