Acrylic Gel Resin has the following characteristics:

  • Very low viscosity – what guarantees the injection in cracks from 0.1 mm;
  • Excellent adhesion;
  • Great durability;
  • Flexibility – may have stretching greater than 200%;
  • Hydro structural;
  • Control over the reaction time, allowing the injection of the acrylic gel even with water flow.

The acrylic gel resin can be applied in the following ways:

Waterproof Membrane

Producing a waterproof membrane

  • The acrylic gel resin can be applied to the rear side of the structure (which is not accessible) to form a waterproofing membrane and, because of its low viscosity, allows it to easily fall into the soil/concrete interface.


Filling of cracks, fissures and expansion joints

  • Injection of polymeric acrylic resin is recommended to seal cracks, fissures and especially expansion joints with or without water flow, as it is elastic and provides complete filling of existing voids and with perfect sealing of infiltrations.
    Do you want another solution for Sealing or Waterproofing? See Injection of Polyurethane Resins