The Recovery of Concrete Structures consists on the structural recovery in areas that present pathological manifestations. Its purpose is to re-establish the conditions for use and to extend the lifespan of the structures.

Concrete structures naturally wear out and degrade over time due to factors such as weathering, wear and tear, and even in some cases failure during projecting or execution. Concrete is, in most cases, the element present in great quantity in large structures, therefore, the recovery of the concrete must be carried out promptly so that the structure returns to perfect conditions of use, guaranteeing the safety of the users and increasing its lifespan.

In order to recover concrete structures it is necessary to:

  • Identify the problem;
  • Define repair and reinforcement techniques;
  • Prepare the recovery area;
  • Apply the most adequate recovery techniques.

Let’s follow the details of each step:

The most apparent symptoms of concrete structure problems are cracks and structure deformations, surface stains, surface degradation, exposure and corrosion of steel reinforcement. The team of engineers from PGG has extensive experience in the diagnosis and recovery of concrete structures, offering the best option in recovery technologies. There are several structural reinforcement techniques, each one suited to a different type of problem and structure, for example: If the problem is the appearance of apparent cracks, the solution may be the injection of polyurethane resins that have high compressive strength, waterproofing and sealing even in the presence of water during the work.

If there is a need for greater strength of the structure without increasing the weight, the structural reinforcement with carbon fiber may be the ideal solution, as it is a light system with high resistance and great flexibility of application.

In structures where the presence of water is constant, the Crystalline Waterproofing Systems Xypex is recommend, because, once applied, it becomes part of the concrete structure and has the same lifespan of it.

Each technique requires a different preparation for its application, it may be necessary to remove the surface layer from the degraded concrete and to clean, recover or replace the steel frame.

Another important factor is the adequate support of the structure to prevent accidents during the work. Check the support structure mounted on the Rio Niterói Bridge during its recovery: After the correct preparation of the environment, the recovery techniques determined by the engineering team are applied. Check out the techniques for recovering concrete structures that are Pires Giovanetti Guardia’s specialty: