Since the times of the industrial revolution buildings, excavations, mining and other types of work have been done in relatively safe locations, but it is not always that these places are safe, especially when they are on rocks and unstable soils. But the presence of minerals and other riches can make working in such places indispensable, but it is also important to ensure the safety of workers.

For this reason we offer the work of soil and rock consolidation, whose main objective is to generate improvements of situations such as those described above, besides promoting the impermeability of the site, to guarantee soil stability through the application of resins.

The empty spaces that are not firm in the places are fixed with these resins and, once all the work has been done, the security is guaranteed to the place.


It is common for excavations of ores to be necessary to create improvised dirt roads through which trucks will be loaded with material. These roads, because they are made of scrambled earth, are extremely prone to withstand the weight of the roads and can end up giving way, putting the lives of the workers of the place in danger.