The epoxy resin injection system has the following purpose:

    • Protect concrete structures;
    • Recompose the structure – “gluing it” and thus promoting its monolithic – by treating cracks and fissures, whether dry or wet.

Structural Application

For the treatment of structures it is necessary to use materials with high mechanical resistance to compression, traction and shear. Epoxy resin is one of the recommended materials for the treatment of cracks and fissures. Because it is a rigid material after curing, it is important to restrict the treatment to only cracks and passive cracks, that is to say, they are not moving. The epoxy resin injection has the following characteristics:

    • Solvent free;
    • It has great durability;
    • Excellent adhesion to the substrate;
    • Low viscosity, which guarantees greater injectability: penetrates into cracks greater or equal to 0.1 mm.

Do you want another structural solution? See Injection of Rigid Polyurethane Resins and Microcement Injection.