Small Hydroelectric Plants (PCH’s)

Hydroelectric Power Plants (UHE’s)

Hydroelectric Enjoyment (AHE’s)

Thermoelectric Plant (UTE’s)

We perform structural recovery in areas that present pathological manifestations, which intend to restore the conditions of use and extend structures´ shelf life, as well as waterproofing to obtain watertightness and achieve a better performance from the Hydroelectric Power Plants structure:

  • Power Intake;
  • Powerhouse;
  • Assembly Area;
  • Loading Chamber;
  • Penstock;
  • Spillway;
  • Suction Pipe;
  • Spiral Casing;
  • Galleries;
  • Diversion Channel.

Technologies applied:

  • Infiltration treatment in fissures, expansion and concreting joints in concrete structures using flexible injections with Polyurethane Resin (foam and gel) / Polymeric Acrylic Gel / Structural Polyurethane;
  • Structural treatment in cracking and fissures without infiltrations using chemical injections with Structural Polyurethane, Microcement and Epoxy Resins (to recover structure´s monolithicity);
  • Microcement Injections to fill blank spaces between concrete structures and steel shields;
  • Waterproofing and chemical protection of the structure by application of Xypex Crystallizing System;
  • Waterproofing with PVC blanket;
  • Structural recovery and reinforcement using Carbon Fiber;
  • Deep concrete treatment (disintegrated concrete / exposed and/or oxidized armatures) using projection of Polymeric Mortars;
  • Superficial concrete treatment (apparent concrete).