Interventions in historical heritage are always a challenge: each work is unique – regardless of size or type of work – because, even in similar contexts, there are particularities that along with other different needs often generate very complex conditions:

  • The building must remain in use;
  • Deadline is strict;
  • Location in central areas of a large urban center, among others.

Pires | Giovanetti | Guardia responds to these challenges offering solutions for historic heritage restoration which can range from the concept of intervention and appoint property´s potential of use, through the compatibility of contemporary systems of facilities in historic buildings (museums, churches and institutions), intervention in the artistic elements integrated to the buildings (sculptures, decorative paintings) until its viability through the use of culture incentive laws.

Investment is continuous in research, as well as in the development of means and technology applied to work in all phases, qualitative and quantitative surveys, diagnosis of pathologies and intervention methodologies.

Here in Pires | Giovanetti | Guardia, the consolidation of this work concept resulted in the creation of a training and staff development unit in São Paulo.

Another concern is buildings/spaces reuse for new functions – or their structures and components updating – ranging from the structural reinforcement to the implantation of new systems of facilities and adaptation to accessibility requirements for people with special needs.