Concrete is a material that undergoes degradation according to its exposure to weathering. When we talk about industries, we must also consider the action of aggressive agents used in the brash treatment or operational areas. For the petroleum industry, structures are more susceptible to the corrosion process because they are exposed to the action of chemical agents in the production area.

To protect these structures, Pires | Giovanetti | Guardia provides a series of solutions for the recovery, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures, which intend to guarantee its integrity and preserve structures´ shelf life.

Technologies applied:

  • Flexible resin injections (Polyurethane / Acrylic Gel) to treat cracks and fissures with the aim to seal and stop large water flow infiltrations, as well as to waterproof and protect the structure from the attack of aggressive agents in concrete and steel elements;
  • Structural resin injection (Epoxy, Structural Polyurethane, Microcement) in fissures to restore structure´s monolithicity;
  • Protection of structures with materials that provide high chemical resistance and abrasion, such as Polyurethane and Epoxy materials;
  • Waterproofing of the structures using high technology membranes, deep penetration crystallizing systems and mortars projection;
  • Structural recovery through state-of-the-art mortars.