Recovery of structures in highways, railways and airports is extremely important, so that they don´t have their operation diminished or even interrupted.

Pires | Giovanetti | Guardia enables infrastructure improvement in buildings, roads and pavements, bridges or tunnels with concrete structures, or in different road networks such as highways, railways/subways and airports. We perform structural recovery in areas that present pathological manifestations, which intend to restore the conditions of use and extend structures´ shelf life, as well as waterproofing to obtain watertightness and achieve a better performance from the structure.

Tunnels (subways, highways)

    • NATM – sprayed concrete / precast concrete coating;
    • Shield;
    • Cut and Cover.


    • Highways;
    • Railways;
    • Metallic;
    • Special ones, such as floating, moving, hanging or cable-stayed bridges.

Technologies applied:

    • Waterproofing with bicolor PVC geomembrane (applied at São Paulo´s subway);
    • Infiltration treatment in fissures, expansion and concreting joints using flexible injections with Polyurethane Resin (foam and gel) / Polymeric Acrylic Gel;
    • Structural treatment in cracking and fissures without infiltrations using chemical injections with Structural Polyurethane, Microcement and Epoxy Resins (to recover structure´s monolithicity);
    • Microcement Injections to fill blank spaces in concrete structures;
    • Polymeric Acrylic Gel Injection in the soil to obtain watertightness;
    • Waterproofing using mortar projections or polymeric membrane;
    • Waterproofing and chemical protection of the structure by application of Xypex Crystallizing System;
    • Deep concrete treatment (disintegrated concrete / exposed and/or oxidized armatures) using projection of Polymeric Mortars;
    • Superficial concrete treatment (apparent concrete).