The microcement injection has the purpose of recomposing concrete structures that have cracks and can be applied with special additives to guarantee better performance.

Microcement is a part of the cement itself, because it is the portion of the finest grains with up to 8 micrometers or 8 thousandths of a millimeter, and 95% of the particles have the same size.



It is important that the cracks are passive for microcement injection since it is rigid material after curing. It should be remembered that they may be dry or humid, however, without water flow. The microcement injection has the following characteristics:

    • Promotes alkaline protection to reinforcement;
    • It has excellent adhesion to the substrate;
    • It has great durability;
    • It has high compressive, tensile and shear strength;
    • Its modulus of elasticity is compatible with that of concrete.

It is possible to apply microcement injection in cracks larger than 0.2 mm, even with moisture. Do you want another structural solution? See Injection of Polyurethane Resins and Injection of Epoxy Resins.