The restoration is the product of the evaluation of a series of factors and their interrelations such as the context to which it is inserted, historical, aesthetic, technical and cultural factors of the society that produced the artifact, and others.

The main objects of our work can be characterized by their types:

Types of Buildings

  • Religious;
  • Museums;
  • Monuments;
  • Railway stations and terminals;
  • Historic buildings for institutional use;
  • Archaeological sites, ruins and urban complexes;
  • Historical buildings for residential and commercial use.

 Natureza dos trabalhos de restauro componentes ladrilho

Types of Materials / Components

  • Timber (structures, roofs, frames and finishes);
  • Natural stones (structures, coatings and finishes);
  • Construction systems (pylon, stick-stone, masonry, masonry, mixed systems);
  • Hydraulic tiling;
  • Ceramics;
  • Metals (frames, frames, hardware, castings, forges, etc.);
  • Mortars of various types (lime based, clayey, mixed and cementitious).

Get to know some restoration works executed by PGG.

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