According to El Comercio, the tunnel in the Nestor Gambetta avenue is in its finishing process and will be ready in March. According to Peru’s Transports and Communications Minister, Martín Vizcarra, 837 million peruvian soles (approximately 255 million dollars) were invested in the construction.

With 960 meters, tunnel Nestor Gambetta will increase the traffic flow going under the landing strip of the airport Jorge Chávez, connecting Calleo’s Port to the Panamericana Norte highway.

Analyzing the construction, it was noted that an waterproofing was needed throughout all the concrete structure due to a water table that was causing humidity.

Through Waterproofing with PVC Blanket, which keeps the structure away from touching the water, Pires has installed more than 200 thousand m² of waterproofing, what guaranteed the safety making the progress of the construction possible.

The tunnel will benefit more than two thousand Peruvian citizens, who will save a lot of time on their daily route, and will also encourage the commerce, as the trucks and the new ferry line will make the freight transport way easier, as stated by Vizcarra.

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