It was delivered on 04/12/2014 the first stage of the restoration of the IAB building.

Services performed:

  • Structural reinforcement, waterproofing and restoration of marquee coverings;
  • Restoration of the frames and locksmiths;
  • Restoration of facade coverings up to mezzanine level;
  • Rehabilitation by non-destructive method of rainwater networks incorporated in the structure;
  • Recovery of the sewage network;
  • Execution of the first stage of the network of combat and prevention to fires.

In the second stage of the restoration of the IAB building, the following services were performed:

  • Adequacy of the hydraulic and electrical facilities for the return of the operation of the bar / restaurant;
  • New toilets with accessibility;
  • Restoration of internal floors, at restaurant level;
  • Continuity of the restoration of metal frames and frames;
  • Restoration of the wooden staircase.