Extending more than 960 meters, the Néstor Gambetta tunnel will speed up the traffic of more than two million Peruvian citizens by passing under the landing strip of Jorge Chávez airport, linking the Port of Calleo to the North Pan-American Highway.

More than 200 thousand m² of waterproofing with PVC blanket in the Néstor Gambetta Tunnel, a work of high complexity and whose progress depends largely on the waterproofing. Pires performed the services within the highest quality standard, strictly adhering to the deadlines. Check the numbers of the work:

Details of the waterproofing of the Néstor Gambetta Tunnel

      • Lima Metro Tunnel Tunnel – Néstor Gambetta Tunnel
      • Beginning of the works: April 2015
      • Completion of works: November 2017
        Problem – The concrete structure is in contact with water table, therefore the need for waterproofing to keep the structure watertight.
      • Solution – Waterproofing with PVC blanket – system not adhered
      • Technology used: Waterproofing with PVC Blanket
      • Footage: more than 200,000 square meters of applied PCV blanket
      • Employees involved: 70 employees