The Restoration of the Museum of the Immigrant was a very important work for the city of São Paulo: it was the former hostel of the immigrants who arrived in the port of Santos and went to sorting and hiring as labor, mainly for the coffee plantations. During the analysis of the site, texts were found on the walls of the main circulation in several languages, which were a kind of internal regulation. Some of these texts were restored, as were incisions made in the bricks on the side wall of the porter, with names and dates of the end of the 19th century.


    • Restoration of roofs, facades and frames;
    • Architectural appropriation with the transformation of the spaces to attend the new museography;
    • Implantation of accessibility and vertical circulation (elevator).

Implementation of support areas

    • Toilets;
    • auditorium;
    • Customer Service;
    • Administrative sector.

Part of the hydraulic plant infrastructure

    • Water;
    • rainwater;
    • sewage;
    • combat and fire prevention.