The quality and durability of concrete structures are very much discussed among professionals in the field, and with this constant evolution and research, an effective resin injection technology has been developed for the treatment of cracks.

What has always been considered as irreparable problems and with ineffective temporary solutions, today has a practical and definitive solution. Our system combines special resins, pneumatic pumps and application equipment being used with the extensive knowledge of our professionals.

In addition to solving structural problems, our injection technology is a great solution for waterproofing and sealing various types of structure, such as:

  • Foundations;
  • Concrete paving;
  • Percolation of water in reservoirs;
  • Infiltration of water in subsoils;
  • Infiltration in underground galleries;
  • Infiltration in subway tunnels and highways;
  • Fissures in dams;
  • Others.



Brazil is a country that uses, in its overwhelming majority, energy from hydroelectric power plants thanks to the enormous amount of lakes and rivers that exist in the national territory. However, the construction of dams is an extremely complex and difficult process because of the large volumes of concrete that are used in construction. The structure withstands high water pressures 24 hours a day, which can cause cracking if not well waterproofed.


In many types of work in Brazil there are tunnels, such as subways, dams, highways, airports, etc., that help in the transposition of various situations, such as cities, mountains and rivers. As it’s noticeable, tunnels are entirely made up of concrete structures that must always be inspected and well cared so that the lives of workers and passers-by are never put at risk.


Throughout the country there are investments being made in the construction of water and sewage treatment plants and these huge structures also need to be always as secured as possible against infiltrations. Constant contact with water can cause cracks to appear, which can easily be solved with our waterproofing service.


Much of Brazil is interconnected by roads composed of rigid and flexible pavements and, with the increase of truck load weight, it is common to notice the increase in the appearance of cracks and imperfections in the highways and the resin injection is a good option to solve these problems.


These are extremely important parts in the constructions, because it is from them that all the construction is done, so it is of the utmost importance that they are with the maximum level of care and maintenance and that can be done effectively though the injection of resins.

Bridges and Viaducts

Brazil’s great geographical diversity with high elevations and depressions make the construction of bridges and viaducts necessary to transpose certain stretches. With the increasing traffic over them, it is expected for cracks to appear, but they can be quickly and easily repaired with PGG’s resin injection.

The above are just a few of the possible applications of Concrete Structures Waterproofing. There are several technologies that we use for the waterproofing of different concrete structures. Among them, we can highlight:

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