XYPEX – Crystalline Waterproofing Systems has as it’s goal to waterproof, crystallyzing pores and capillaries in the concrete, making it permanently sealed and protected against deteoration.

Xypex characteristics

  • Can only be applied to concrete structures;
  • Gives impermeability to the concrete, through chemical reactions that create a crystaline structure in the pores and capillaries of the concrete;
  • XYPEX – Crystalline Waterproofing Systems becomes a part of the concrete structure;
  • It doesn’t deteriorate like membranes, can’t be ripped off, punctured or removed;
  • Lives as long as the concrete itself;
  • It will react to the presence of water;
  • Promotes alcaline protection to the concrete and its armor;
  • It doesn’t need to be still to be applied, making it easier to use in corners;
  • Resists to intense pressures throughout the structure, like in water reservoirs, dickes, pools, docks, water treatment stations and sewers;
  • Allows steam diffusion;
  • Free from toxines;
  • Easy to manipulate;
  • High adaptability to many projects.

Check out a work where XYPEX – Crystalline Waterproofing Systems were used:

xypex_3 xypex_1 xypex_2

Surface Preparation for Xypex

All pores in the concrete in the surface must be opened, cleaned and free of chemicals and dust that may prevent a perfect interaction between the concrete and the Xypex. To do so, cold water hydroblasting will be applied all over the surface with a high pressure equipment (500 Kg/cm² minimum).

Surface treatment of infiltration with Xypex – monocomponent crystallization waterproofing

One coat of Concentrated Crystallizer, and one coat of Modified Crystallizer, with an approximate consumption of 0.8 kg / m² per coat, will be applied on each surface of the structure. These products will be mixed with water in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer and applied with appropriate spray equipment or brush.